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You will find here a handpicked selection of historic tobacco tins, pipes and a variety of accessories.

In a conscientious and regular maintenance of antique snuffboxes and tobacco pipes, exists a not to be underestimated task and importance of conservation value.

In our house all antique snuffboxes, tobacco paraphernalia are checked, processed, preserved and restored.

Each time a well and carefully restored snuff-box or pipe tobacco fits in any one collection. They enrich the collection and are no worse than the better preserved objects.

Today, these objects do not belong only to a bygone tobacco culture, but also to the most popular collectors and investment objects.


Repair of a snuffbox made ​​of birch wood.

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All our products are seen through, cleaned, checked and depending on the state left in the original state but cleaned or depending on demand restored or preserved.

About collecting antique snuffboxes and smoking pipes

At the present time the value of these objects has risen so high worldwide, that they are appreciated even as a desirable type of investment.

Furthermore are fine tobacco pipes and tobacco boxes the one and only of their kind in the artisanal art, which are protected by inflation and therefore are particularly well suited as an investment.

Many pieces are now only single pieces, because on the one hand, many pieces were lost and destroyed in the wars and on the other hand have never been made ​​in masses. This is also a reason that those objects, which consist of base metals and materials, have a certain value. Use damages, whether large or small, have many pieces. These damages have been done over the years and decades and often reduce the value of the object. Exceptions are those objects that are either very rare or unique pieces.

Snuffboxes and tobacco pipes apply mainly in the 18th and 19th centuries as a personality object for a human and for centuries were part of his profession, his equipment and his clothes. It was not just jewelry and representational pieces but simply utilitarian.