Antique Burl Wood Snuffbox

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Antique Burl Wood Snuffbox

Snuffbox "Trois Glorieuses" France 1830, burl wood with tortoiseshell inlay, medallion embedded in the lid and colored - tricolor edged with Gallic cock with laurel wreath; in the center of the board the words "Charte-Droit-Du-Peuple" = the constitution is the right of the people; the French Revolution, which took place on July 27, 28 and 29, 1830, is also known in France as the "three glorious days"; their result was the final overthrow of the Bourbon dynasty; rare and very nice condition

Item: 13-0635
Height: 22 mm
Diameter: 66 mm
Price: 360€

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Antique Burl Wood Snuffbox