Antique Baroque Pipe Tamper

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Antique Baroque Pipe Tamper

Antique baroque pipe tamper 1720-1780 with a medal of mockery on both sides of the Pope and the Catholic Church. With the alternating faces of pope with devil and pope with cardinal. With the inscriptions e.g. "sapientes stulti aliquanto /sometimes wise men are fools". The front reads "ecclesia perversa tenet faciem / the upside down church shows its devilish face". The original medal was made between 1535 and 1565. For a pipe tamper, this is a very nice piece of contemporary history. Deko not for sale !

Item: 3-0836
Height: 71 mm
Diameter: 35/12 mm
Price: 185€

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Antique Baroque Pipe Tamper