Antique Snuffbox

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Antique Snuffbox

Antique snuffbox for snuff. Paper mache, lacquered black and decorated with a copper engraving. These copper engravings were applied to the can lids by transfer printing, fixed and then varnished and polished several times. This type of snuffbox made of papier-mâché, like its painted variants, forms a special collection of snuffboxes. The engraving on this snuffbox is borrowed from Greek mythology: "Education d'Achille". The training of Achilles by the centaur Cheiron in the arts of war, music and medicine. Continental Europe 1780-1720. Distributed in England with original dealer seal. Despite the signs of use, this snuffbox is in a very nice overall condition.

Item: S-0779
Height: 20 mm
Diameter: 88 mm
Price: 240€

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Antique Snuffbox