Antique Baroque Snuffbox

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Antique Baroque Snuffbox

Antique baroque Gregorian steel snuffbox dated "1778" with owner's name engraved. With built-in pressure closure. This type of snuffbox has been known since around 1700, its robustness was valued and it was therefore extremely popular for storing tinder. England, probably Sheffield or Birmingham area 1750-1778. Every now and then these snuffboxes are also offered on the antique market as tinder boxes, which they never were. Snuffboxes made of iron are classified as less common than snuffboxes made of other materials. This tin is in excellent condition for a snuffbox made of this material and still has a perfectly tight seal. For an iron snuffbox from 1778, still in perfect condition and a very nice testament to a time long gone. Deko not for sale!

Item: S-0849
Length: 98 mm
Width: 56 mm
Height: 26 mm
Price: 680€

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Antique Baroque Snuffbox